Preparatory study of music


    Get acquainted with musical instruments and singing in preparatory music studies!

    Preparatory studies in music are suitable for 5-10-year olds who are interested in getting acquainted with learning a musical instrument. The core idea of preparatory studies is thus to act as a bridge between early age music education and basic studies in music. It is possible to apply for preparatory studies before applying for basic studies in music. It is also possible to apply straight to basic studies in music without having studied preparatory studies. Preparatory study of music is a part of basic art education and follows the extended syllabus of early age music education.

    Tuition in preparatory study of music is mainly organized in small groups: tuition of musical instruments is organized in groups of 2-3 and music and kantele (a traditional Finnish string instrument) workshops in groups of 6-10. In addition, children’s choir is active for those interested in singing.

    Participants are accepted in the order the applications are made. Group sizes are determined f. ex. by the instruments, learner ages and working methods. The choice of instruments for the following semester is stated on the application form.

    Apply for preparatory study of music

    Current participants in preparatory study of music can apply for continuation of their studies through Kuopio Conservatory Wilma within a separately stated time-frame.

    New applicants apply during the official application period stated on the website.

    There is no pre-selection for preparatory study of music – participants are accepted in the order the applications are made.


    Preparatory instrument study age 5–8 (Alkusoitto)

    • 30–45 min. once a week / two semesters (one school year)
    • small groups of 2–3 children, one chosen instrument
    • it is recommended to also attend a music playschool group
    • musical instrument loan is included in the fee

    In preparatory instrument studies tuition is given for one school year in one chosen instrument in small groups of 2-3. Selection of instruments varies from year to year and between Conservatory’s teaching locations. Some examples of instruments include piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, trumpet and flute. In small groups, the participants have the chance to try musical instruments as a hobby before applying for basic studies in music. The children learn the basics of the chosen instrument, how it is like to have a musical instrument as a hobby, what happens during the lessons and how it should be practiced at home.

    Instrument carousels age 6–8 (Soitinkaruselli)

    • 30–60min. once a week
    • groups of 2–3 children, several instruments during the school year
    • age 6–8: “kihara” carousel (guitar, kantele, accordion)
    • age 6–8: string carousel (violin, viola, cello, double bass)
    • age 7–8: band carousel (keyboard, electric guitar/bass, drums)
    • other instrument combinations are also possible
    • musical instrument loan is included in the fee

    In instrument carousel teaching, a child gets tuition on a group of instruments during one school year. Each musical instrument is focused on 3-4 weeks at a time. For practicing at home, loan instruments are available. It is recommended for an accompanying adult to participate in the lessons. Tuition is organised if there is a sufficient number of applications.  

    The instrument carousels are a great way to experiment with different musical instruments before applying for basic studies in classical or rhythm music.

    Music workshops age 7–8

    • 45–60min. once a week
    • age 7–8: music workshop
    • age 7–8: kantele workshop (kantele is a traditional Finnish string instrument)

    In music workshops, different instruments and the very basics of music theory are introduced. Teaching includes various music related methods, f. ex. singing, playing the instruments, musical games etc. It is possible to apply for music workshops without having previously participated in our music playschool. Those already participating in basic studies in music can also apply for music workshop groups.

    Children’s choir age 6–9

    • 60min. once a week
    • age 6–9

    The choir practices both familiar and new children’s songs. Also body percussion and rhythmic instruments familiar from music playschool are used. The choir performs a couple of times during the autumn and spring semester.

    Preparatory study of voice age 7–10 (Alkulaulu)

    • 30–45 min. once a week
    • groups of 2–3 children, duration of 1–2 school years
    • age 7–10

    Preparatory study of voice develops children’s vocal skills in small groups of 2-3. Musical expression through one’s own voice, new songs and other music related activities form the core of the lessons. Preparatory study of voice acts as a good basis for applying for basic studies in music. A group is formed if there are enough applications.

    Choir age 9–12

    • 60min.once a week
    • age 9–12

    In choir, singing skills are developed together with others! You will learn new songs, musical skills, musical expression and develop your own voice with the opportunity to perform together. The size of the choir varies depending on the number of participants. The choir is open for all – it doesn’t matter what your background is!