Classical music studies


    Step into the world of classical music and create your own musical path!

    Classical music studies are a part of our basic education level music studies. The most common starting age is 5-10, but applicants of all ages are warmly welcome to our yearly student selection events. Classical music studies are offered in all of our locations: Kuopio, Juankoski, Lapinlahti, Nilsiä, Siilinjärvi and Suonenjoki. Equality and accessibility are taken into consideration in both student selection and teaching methods, which gives our students the possibility to create their own individual musical paths.

    The instrument selection varies depending on the teaching location. The age of the student also affects the suitability of an instrument. Some instruments can be started already before school (piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, accordion, flute, guitar and kantele), some at the age of 8-10 (clarinet, oboe, bassoon, brass instruments) and classical voice at the age of 10.

    Basic studies in classical music include instrument lessons, as well as ensemble playing and music theory lessons. Studies can be started from scratch, or, it is possible to continue studies started elsewhere. During the studies we emphasize creating a positive relationship with music and support self-expression through it. Instrumental lessons include not only playing but often also listening and music theory related activities. Studies proceed from one level to another but the musical path is created together with the students taking their interests into account. The studies support creative thinking, interactive skills and making music independently and with others. Home practice is also a vital part of the studies and our teachers give guidance in planning it. After completing basic studies in music the students can move on to advanced studies in music.

    Advanced studies in classical music widen the skills learned in basic studies. Students can choose to emphasize certain aspects, such as instrumental studies, chamber music, composition or ensemble playing depending on their own interests. Advanced studies act as a good basis for continuing studies further in the music field.