Creative movement with elements of contemporary dance and ballet!

Preparatory study of dance is a part of basic art education in dance. Learners get acquainted with both contemporary dance and ballet along with a variety of basic movements. Lessons include creative exercises, dance technique, acrobatics and short choreographies. Positive experiences and moving together with others support children’s self-image and creativity. Diverse activities act as a good basis for basic dance education. 

If moving on to basic studies in dance after preparatory studies, either contemporary dance or ballet is chosen as a major. It is also possible to have two majors. 

Preparatory study of dance is offered in Kuopio, Juankoski and Nilsiä. 

Preparatory dance 1 (age 6–7)

  • 60min. once a week
  • age 6–7

Preparatory dance 2 (age 78)

  • 60min. once a week
  • age 7–8