Kuopio Conservatory

Joy of learning, living music and dance, together and individually!

Founded in 1954, the Kuopio Conservatory is one of the largest and most diverse music and dance schools in Finland. We offer both basic music and dance education in the Northern Savonia region and vocational education and training in music in Kuopio, offering education to about 2500 children and youth. In addition, our studies in the Open conservatory are meant for all who are interested in studying music and dance. Kuopio Conservatory is maintained by Kuopion konservatorion kannatusyhdistys ry, a supporters’ association, which aims at supporting and enhancing music and dance teaching activity. 

Over 200 music and dance events take place at Kuopio Conservatory during the school year. Various festivals, dance shows, orchestra and chamber concerts, student recitals and band evenings have an important role in the cultural life of Kuopio and Northern Savonia. 

Kuopio conservatory operates in Kuopio, Juankoski, Lapinlahti, Nilsiä, Siilinjärvi and Suonenjoki. An important location is Kuopio Music Centre, where Kuopio Conservatory co-operates closely with Savonia University of Applied Sciences, University of the Arts Kuopio Department and Kuopio Symphony Orchestra. The co-operation consists of many aspects, like teaching, shared learning/working spaces and events.

Our values include joy of learning, sense of community and experiencing and making things together. Our aim is to offer accessible and inclusive teaching of music and dance. We support equality by offering individual ways of studying and experiencing music and dance. 

Numerous music and dance events are organised by the Conservatory and its collaborators on a yearly basis in the Northern Savonia Region. We nourish our international affairs and support internationality through teacher and student exchanges and diverse projects.

History of Kuopio Conservatory

  • Founded in 1954 as Kuopio Music School
  • Music playschool starts 1959
  • Church music department 1960
  • Teacher training for music schools 1972
  • Siilinjärvi and Suonenjoki departments 1973
  • Nilsiä department 1976
  • Kuopio Conservatory 1978
  • Church music department joined Sibelius Academy 1983
  • Juankoski department 1983
  • Kuopio Music Centre is built 1985
  • Dance teacher training 1987
  • Rhythm music 1992
  • Teacher training moved to university of applied sciences 1999
  • Vocational training in music 2000
  • Lapinlahti department 2001
  • Open conservatory 2006
  • Fusion with Kuopion musiikinystäväin musiikkiopisto 2013