Continuing students

Continue your studies at the Kuopio Conservatory or inform us about changes. This information is only for current students of Kuopio Conservatory.

Music playschool, Children’s dance, Preparatory study of music and dance


Current students need to re-enroll for the upcoming school year’s studies in Kuopio Conservatory Wilma. This is done once a year in May in order to continue studies after the summer break. If you have problems with your Wilma login, contact our study secretary:

NB: We require a notification of continuing the studies in Wilma. If a student does not inform us about continuing the studies, we will interpret this as a sign of ending the studies. 

At the latest, a notification for continuing studies can be withdrawn before the first week of teaching. After this, a tuition fee will be collected.

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Basic and advanced level studies in music and applications for possible changes

  • Studies continue automatically, unless a student/guardian fills in a form for ending the studies in Kuopio Conservatory Wilma. 
  • Ending the studies: 
    • If the student decides to end the studies, it has to be done no later than 15.5.2022. In force majeure cases, this can be done 13.8.2022 at the latest, but after this the student is committed to paying the tuition fee. 
    • The form for ending the studies can be found in Wilma or:
  • Applications for changing instruments or teachers are also made in Wilma. The forms are open for a certain time frame in spring only. 
  • Temporary interruption of studies:
    • It is possible to interrupt the studies temporarily f. ex. because of health issues or a temporary move to another city. Form for this can be found in Wilma. 
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Enrolment for music theory lessons


Enrolment for music theory lessons of the school year 2022-23 takes place in Wilma 23.5.-18.8.2022:

Basic and advanced level studies in ballet and contemporary dance


Students receive the information about continuing their studies in Wilma.