Ballet and contemporary dance


    Creative movement, dance technique and joyful experiences of performing!

    Dance studies in Kuopio Conservatory offer children and youth the joy of dance and the possibility of long-term dance studies. The goal is to inspire love and a personal relationship with dance, and to encourage students to express themselves by means of dance. Also, enhancing group interaction has an important role in dance studies. Performing and preparing for performances also has an important role in dance studies.

    Basic dance studies may start at the age of eight or nine. During basic studies each student chooses to major either in ballet or in contemporary dance, and advances from one level to the next individually. Basic dance studies are offered in Kuopio, Juankoski and Nilsiä: ballet and contemporary dance in Kuopio, and contemporary dance in Juankoski and Nilsiä.

    Advanced studies in dance offer young people the possibility of enhancing the skills and knowledge which they have acquired during basic studies in their main subject (ballet or contemporary dance). Students have the opportunity to make their relationship with dance and dance art deeper, their knowledge of well-being and body-consciousness grows, and they are supported in setting goals for their own learning and development. Advanced dance studies are offered in Kuopio.

    Contemporary dance is influenced by different techniques and styles of modern dance. A special element of contemporary dance is how the teachers’ individual approaches affect the art form. Characteristics of contemporary dance include versatile body and floor work, improvisation and a creative approach to movement. Ballet classes include studying the tradition and aesthetics of classical ballet. The classes include barre work, across-the-floor and centre work, jumps, pirouettes, combinations and for advanced learners also pointe technique.