With Erasmus+ accreditation Kuopio Conservatory implements systematic international mobility of VET learners and staff over a period of several years.

Kuopio Conservatory has been awarded Erasmus+ accreditation in vocational education (upper secondary level education) by the The Finnish National Agency for Education for the programme period 2021–2027.

As an accredited organisation Kuopio Conservatory will demonstrate systematic and strategic international activities in upcoming years that meet the quality standards of the Erasmus+ programme. During the programme period 2021–2027, the programme will place special emphasis on inclusion, digitalisation and environmental responsibility.

With the accreditation and the funding from the National Agency, Kuopio Conservatory can implement implement systematic international mobility of students in “Musician” and “Music Techonologist” study programs as well as of staff in conservatory’s vocational education. These mobility types include activities such as learning and training mobilities for students, teaching assignments and job-shadowing periods for staff. We also have the possibility to send our VET staff members to international courses and trainings that meet the Erasmus+ quality standards as well as the possibility to invite international experts to Kuopio Conservatory for short-term teaching or consultation periods.

If you have any questions concerning our Erasmus+ accreditation or the mobilities we can organise, please contact the director or the coordinator for international affairs in Kuopio Conservatory.


Erasmus+ Coordinator for international relations
Anna Tenhunen

Read more about Erasmus+ programme: www.oph.fi/en/erasmusplus