Kuopio conservatory owns several string and wind instruments. Instrument loans are given based on the availability of suitable instruments, particularly at the beginning of music studies.

    Instrument loans are given for students of basic and advanced level studies, vocational level students and students of Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Teachers in charge are Katja Kankaanpää (strings) and Jarna Virtanen (wind instruments). Instrument loan agreements are signed together with the guardians. Pianos are not included in the instrument loan system.

    Instrument loan agreements

    By signing the instrument loan agreement, the student/guardian agrees to the loan terms. The current state of the instrument is stated in the agreement. Conservatory takes care of the basic repairs of the instrument, however, f.ex. new strings for string instruments are to be purchased by the possessor of the loan instrument. The borrower commits to taking good care of the instrument and its accessories. In case an instrument gets damaged, a maximum contribution for the borrower is 200 e. 

    Instrument loan is given for one school year at a time. Extending the loan for summer needs to be agreed on separately.


    A fee is charged per semester. Students in preparatory study of music and vocational education studies won’t be charged for instrument loans. We do not refund the fee even if the borrower decides to return the instrument in the middle of/before the end of the semester. 

    Instrument loan fees from 1.8.2021 on:

    String instrument 40 e

    Bow 10 e

    Other instruments (f. ex. winds) mainly 40 e

    Loans outside the conservatory 50 e /instrument, 15 e /bow


    Kuopio conservatory has insured the instruments (valid in Finland). If the instruments are taken abroad for conservatory-related travels, the conservatory takes care of the extra insurance. 

    The basic guideline is that the loan instruments should not be taken abroad. In special cases this might be possible, but if the trip is not related to Kuopio conservatory, the borrower is responsible for taking an additional insurance.


    The loan instrument and its accessories should be returned to the storeroom immediately when the loan period ends. Similarly, the instrument and its accessories need to be returned immediately in case of a temporary interruption/ending one’s studies at the conservatory. The teachers in charge check the state of the returned instruments. 


    Strings: Katja Kankaanpää,

    Winds: Jarna Virtanen,